Current Read : Great Women of Islam


Remember when you were younger, especially in primary school, you’d have gotten a diary/biodata book? In which you exchange with your friends and then they’d decorate their profile with coloured pens and stamps and stickers? Kental right? But cute.

If your friend is slightly more creative (read: spoil market), they’d plan the pages and insert poems as well. I vividly recall these 4 mandatory sections.

1) Profile – This section where all your information were written. Name, Class, D.O.B, P.O.B, Nationality, Race bla bla bla. Purpose? To keep you informed, imparted and notified that not everyone was born in Kandang Kerbau Hospital. Haha.

2) Friendship ranking – This section rates your friends according to percentage.

3) Hobbies/FavouritesReading, Cycling, Swimming, Sleeping – All the common hobbies. I rarely see anyone with other new hobbies like gardening or investing or snowboarding. Hahah k merepek.

4) Messages – Where you insert a poem or a short message for to the owner of the diary.

As for myself, I didn’t thought that I’d enjoy reading cause I recalled hating comprehension questions. When I was older, sometimes whenever I pass by a book shop and I have spare cash with me, I would definitely get one or two books.

I started with Malay novels by Manaf Hamzah and then I entered the Chicken Soup for the Soul ‘era’. I take delight in all sorts of genre with an exception of Sci-Fi. Robots and zombies… tak suka ah. 😛

Now I am currently reading Great Women of Islam who were given the good news of Paradise by Mahmood Ahmad Ghafandar and revised by Sheikh Safiur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri (writer who wrote The Sealed Nectar). This book was a gift from My Husband which I have selected when we were passing by Salaam Media International @ Golden Landmark.

A simple and motivational read. It makes you want to match yourself to the characteristics of the Mothers of the Believers. It has and I believe it will continue to encourage me to try harder, do better and strive further. I’m telling myself, “If you wanna enter Paradise, you have to put in more effort, sisthurrr.”

Once I have the time, I’d share a few stories. If you’re expecting a child or TTC-ing (read here) like me, you can surely pick up a few great names to name your daughters in hopes that they emulate the Mothers of the Believers. In sha Allaah!

However, I’d like to kindly advise that you read it with a sensible mind. Please do your own research/reflection if you’re hesitant about a certain stories. I am not implying that the book is not reliable, siapalah aku ni kan. I am just saying that if you’re looking at a more in depth explanation and more critical study into the sources of the stories, this is not the book for you. Perhaps you can but you gotta support it with other dependable reads. Besides, when it comes to hadiths and reliability, how is it possible that all of that be explained in a 272 pages of a book?!? One definitely needs more than that. Can’t call yourself an expert in hadiths and history simply based on one book, one read. Scholars took years to learn them!

May the book bring you benefits!

Shiqs 🐣




Those who knows me well knows that I love babies. K tetiba je.

Here I am cleaning stuffs on my mobile and bla bla bla. So I slept at 10pm just now and woke up after Bulat (our cat) took a dump and didn’t even bother to bury. Was having a random dream when my nose detected the foul smell. How rude aye. Will share more about him (and our other 2 cats) perhaps in another post.

After clearing his litter, I lied on my bed and thought of everything that has been bothering me. Why not right? I took 3 hours time off from work anyway. So I am expected to report to work at 1130hrs today. Sleep and rest can wait.

Unsettled issues with Mama. School. Career. Quality of ibadah. Our new home. Mama again. Making loved ones feel proud of me. Mending broken relationship with the person I love dearly. Everything.

We all know what that leads to after that. Constant blaming of self. Crying. Constant regret for things that is clearly beyond my control that have taken place. Times like this, when I am feeling so down, My Husband would expect me to wake him and talk to him. But looking at him in deep sleep ni…, I shall not lah.

With Bulat parked himself in between My Husband and I, I cannot help but to question my worth. Why must it be a cat there? Shouldn’t it be time already for a little one to be there instead? Questioning again my worth in becoming a mother. Months waiting. I start to doubt myself. Everyone has been asking me whenever I go to functions. I am totally fine with it. I take that as them being concerned for me – I loveeeee babies/children, remember? For some lah until I came across…

“Ko tak dapat berkat mak tu sebab. Kalau ko mengandung pun susah nak beranak.”

Only Allah knows how painful these words are. Right. Mungkin. Maybe you’re right. Who knows?

Dr at KKH said I am fine but perhaps I was stressed and overweight, it affected my health? I have unexplained allergies only at the back of my hands which the Dr said was due to me being allergic to grass pollen or contact with cats (I know right, I have a cat sleeping next to me now and 2 more in the household). Other than that, he too believe it was due to stress. Merepek je. So with no medical problems, semestinya betul lah kan what that person said – takda berkat mak?

Who am I to feel what I feel? Others had it worse anyway.

Reading up blogs and articles of women TTC (Trying To Conceive) lifted up my mood. Not because I am happy for their misfortunes/battles that befalls them but because I know I am not alone and I am thankful to Allah that I am still healthy. For all we know, it could be worse.

Patience always, dear self.

So let’s close with a pic of Bulat – Our (My Husband and I) current entertainment.

Not sure if I’m feeling better or hungry now. Maybe the hunger has redirected my worries for ‘that everything’. 

Shiqs. 🐣